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Why Do I Need A Business Continuity Plan?

Global events have demonstrated the importance for companies to be prepared to respond to a range of business critical threats.
Developing a strategically aligned business continuity plan will help your organisation to effectively respond to disasters and threats.
The primary focus of a business continuity plan is to provide an organisation with clear guidance and support.

What is business continuity? Continuity planning is an essential requirement for every business, regardless of size and industry.
Creating a business continuity plan, that is strategically aligned to your corporate strategy, will greatly increase your organisation’s
capabilities to respond to disasters, incidents, and business critical threats.

What does business continuity planning cover? A business continuity plan should be viewed as the most important document within
your organisation, particularly following a disaster or incident. The plan should identify a diverse range of threats that could
realistically impact the organisation (i.e. cyber attack, flooding, fire, terrorism incident, and disease outbreak, etc.), and its capability to
maintain the delivery of critical services and products.

What are the benefits of business continuity planning? Business continuity planning provides a wide range of benefits to organisations
across industry. Most importantly, it will ensure your company continues trading following a disaster or crisis event. An effective business
continuity plan will also minimise disruption across operations, and ensure that resources are optimised and costs minimised.

Having the ability to effectively respond to disasters, business critical threats, and business disruption events, gives stakeholders,
customers, and employees confidence in the company’s senior management team and management systems.

Finally, business continuity planning (ISO 22301), will also strengthen your commercial bids. This is achieved by showcasing your
organisation’s newly increased resilience and capability to maintaining delivery of critical services and products in the event of a
disaster occurring. This will provide your organisation with a commercial advantage over your competitors.
This is something that all companies desire!